Project Type: Online Content (Training)

As a contractor for the College of the Sequoias, Training Resource Center, I host a Social Media for Business class about once a year. It is designed for those, mostly at the beginner to intermediate level, who have social media management and posting responsibilities for their organization or business; large or small.


  • “Definitely helpful! Thank you for the tips and tricks to starting and maintaining smart, relevant, and useful social media sites!”
  • “This class made me excited that I might actually be able to do this – Thanks Kristen”
  • “Great course – useful!”

Project Type: Online Content

Several small businesses have contracted with me to do social media management and some basic marketing of their services. These small businesses include Athena Financial Group, a local financial advising firm; Corliss Driving School, a local drivers ed and training company; and others.

Included in this project…

  • Social media management of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.
  • As-needed advising and marketing of events and services.
  • Use of programs including Hootsuite, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn; Canva and Adobe Photoshop; Dropbox.


Project Type: Content, Proofreading

As a pro-bono project, I offered my time and writing to the organizers of the Central Valley-based Google Developer Group’s 2014 DevFest; a weekend event for software developers and aspiring developers to learn more about Google-related innovations.

Included in this project…

  • Copy for the organizers to use in press, emails, websites and social media as desired.
  • Copy editing comments on the main event website.
  • Attendance at and coverage of the event itself.


Project Type: Online Content

College of the Sequoias’ athletic department (Visalia, CA), at the beginning of 2014, asked me to contribute personal interest and lead-up stories to a blog. The department’s main goal was increasing community awareness of athletic events and student athlete stories. Stories would also be pushed to interested news media and publicized online social media.

Included in this project…

  • Interviewing, researching, transcribing, and publishing online personal interest and lead-up stories for College of the Sequoias Athletics.
  • Promoting those stories online through social media and to local news media outlets and developing use of other social networks.
  • Managing a digital database of photographs and in some cases, collecting or taking photographs to accompany the stories.
  • Use of programs including Facebook; Google Picasa; Microsoft Word and SharePoint.



Project Type: Archiving

Starting in early 2013,  the International Agri-Center contracted me to help organize and contribute to their archives. This non-profit organization is a combination of an agricultural education center, agricultural museum, general events center, and it hosts two large events, the World Ag Expo and the California Antique Farm Equipment Show.

Included in this project…

  • Interviewing, transcribing, and publishing the oral histories of those involved with the International Agri-Center over its 50+ year history.
  • Locating, digitizing, and managing an e-archive of photographs and other images, documents, and memorabilia.
  • Related duties as needed, including proofreading publications, providing online content and social media materials, and other writing support.
  • Use of programs including Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and Bridge; Google Picasa and Google+; Microsoft Word and Excel.



Project Type: Fiction Writing

Le Bourreau (working title)… The executioner of Paris adapts to the French Revolution while trying to win back the woman whose father he executed, and escape his inherited fate.

This is the premise behind my historical fiction novel (currently in progress) which opens in Paris on Easter 1789. This is my first novel, the idea for which originated in 2008.


Project Type: Online Content

In August 2013, I started contributing postings to the WebProNews website. This site primarily deals in online business news but much of what contracted writers post is related to currently trending news, which could be anything from international politics to entertainment trivia.

Included in this project…

  • Online research, writing, editing, and publishing news posts.
  • Sourcing images online to accompany those posts.
  • Use of programs including Facebook; Google+; Imagerain; Runningman; StumbleUpon; Twitter; WordPress.


Project Type: Online Content

I met the owner and developer of Ape Software in late 2013. He wanted someone to write help files that would be posted on the website for his calibration management software. In order to do that, I became familiar with the software itself, writing the files from the perspective of an actual user.

Included in this project…

  • Familiarization of software in order to write related help files (HTML format).
  • Occasional administrative assistance.
  • Use of programs including Ape Software Calibration Control; Google applications; Microsoft OneDrive, SkyDrive, and Visual Studio; QuickBooks Online; Sugar CRM; TeamViewer.

"Words without thoughts never to heaven go." ~Shakespeare

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