Daily Social Media Campaigns, Part II

In Part I, we covered the idea of catalysts for social media posts and considered some of the concepts behind posting along a similar theme from day to day to day to day to… well, you get the picture. So now that we have our reason for jumping on our site, logging in, and adding content, what content do we add?

The possibilities are as endless as the internet itself, but ending there only gives me about 70 words, so let’s talk about some broad category ideas…

Please note, I focused on Facebook posting here but the options are applicable in any platform you choose to use.

It’s About People, People

The world population numbers over 7 billion people, surely we can find someone to talk about each day. Human interest spotlights, even truncated on social media, make for compelling and caring content. Feature a new person each day who in some way contributes to your company goals. Or take the history route and feature an industry pioneer du jour. Although, if we make assumptions based on the daily influx of puppies and kittens to our queues then it’s more about pets than people (and by the way, we’d be right). So I give you permission to go the shameless route and flaunt those irresistible animals, tied to organizational interests of course.

On Location

Anytime you can get out of the office and on the road—or even around the block—you’ve got prime options for photos and videos to enhance daily post content. We talked earlier about the Roaming Gnome™ gimmick: photographing an item that conveys your brand in notable locations. These can easily be used as contests or at least serve the need for a call to action (“Can you guess where our mascot is today?”).

Other destination options are on location interviews with people in your industry or rotating through organizations doing work in various places.

Something New

Readers love to hear the ups and flubs of trying something new. Find a way to share some firsts, whether it’s a first time activity, a first taste, or a new trick for an old activity. Tips and How To’s also make great consecutive posting options. Spin these with a common theme that contributes to your mission and you’ll have engaged readers.

The goal of the Vodafone Firsts Facebook page is to empower people to do something for the first time with the aid of technology. Learning something new and complex can turn into a series of posts on its own (in this case, an entire page). If you are learning to surf, it’s probably worth more than one, 140 character tweet. More finite activities, such as trying new foods, need not take more than one post per day unless there’s purpose in doing so.

Lists Serve

If you’ve spent any amount of time exploring online social networks, I’ll bet you’ve come across someone’s Top Ten Breakup Movies, a Quotes for Geeks page, or a Do the Dishes Playlist. Readers get a kick out of lists so why not make your own?

Along the same lines, quotes, movies, books, etc. need not be posted in the form of a list. A daily campaign knows no bounds. You can post or solicit posts every day for content like this that supports your organizational interests.

Twist It

Got a product, a tagline, something you can take and twist to come up with slightly new versions on a daily basis? Then you’ve got day-to-day content.

I use “twist” for a reason. Oreo’s Daily Twist campaign, celebrating its 100 year anniversary by posting a modified cookie each day, made a slam dunk in chatter back in 2012.

"Words without thoughts never to heaven go." ~Shakespeare

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